Pinterest Projects: Tea Wreath

December is a great month for homemade gifts and this year I was determined to make at least a handful of my gifts. 

Tea Wreath

December is a great month for homemade gifts and this year I was determined to make at least a handful of my gifts. My boss is a huge tea lover (drinking multiple cups a day) so when I saw this tea wreath, I knew it was the right present for her.

I pinned this project from who posted an awesome and easy to follow tutorial. Here is the tea wreath that they made:

Kojo Desig's Tea Wreath

The biggest challenge for me was finding the right size cardboard to use. I finally settled on an old USPS priority box. I took the suggestion of Kojo and doubled up my cardboard to make it sturdier. I did not use the suggestion of using hot glue (I hate it, my personal preference) and used Mod Podge for everything.

Once I glued the two pieces of cardboard together (and let sit for a day) I used a dinner place to trace my shape and had the hubster help me cut out the circles with a box cutter. Next, I covered in scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook Paper

Then you have to cut the paper at angles in order to get it to glue down and lay flat on the cardboard. If you look at the Kojo tutorial they have a cleaner cut shape but I don’t have time for that!! So I just cut at angles and bent the paper over the circle as I went along to help with gluing.

I glued down all the pieces on the back and let sit. Earlier, I cut the strips of scrapbook paper for my clothespins and glued them on as well as used mod podge on top to give the paper a more textured look.

After using mod podge all over the front of the paper on the wreath, I stuck the clothespins onto the wreath. I only used 12 but the tutorial calls for a lot more. I think it depends on the size of your wreath and your personal preference.

Decorated Clothes Pins

Now comes the fun part, the tea! I bought a variety of colorful tea bags to keep with the colorful theme of the wreath.

Attach tea bags with the clothes pins and add a piece of ribbon to the top of the wreath for hanging (make sure to space out your pins, factoring in the placement of the ribbon).

Hang and enjoy!!

Finished Tea Wreath

I really enjoyed making this project and didn’t find it as challenging as I initially expected. My boss absolutely loved it and appreciated the thought and creativity behind it. She even asked if it was “my invention” &  I think she gives me way too much credit in the creativity department! Also, since I only used 12 tea bags, I put the rest of the tea bags in a small gift bag to give with the wreath so she can refill the tea as it gets used and keep the wreath full. She was already drinking a glass of green tea yesterday afternoon.

Happy Holidays & see you next year!!